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We know it is not proper grammar to say the Perfect Starter Piano is MORE PERFECT, but we are so excited about the newest and most affordable Kawai Concert Artist Series piano, which offers a SOLID WOOD KEYBOARD in an unbelievably affordable price point. Featuring a new sound system designed in conjunction with the audio wizards at Onkyo and Bluetooth MIDI for connecting to your favorite tablet or computer. Beginners never had it so good!

Award Winning Technology

Singular Focus

Of all the makers of digital keyboard instruments, Kawai is the only company that only makes pianos. This singular focus has made them a leader in the industry and one of the most award winning digital piano lines in the world. Kawai concentrates on the fundamentals of touch and tone, consistently delivering better value and performance in every price range.

solid wood Piano Keyboards

A Difference You Can Feel

Kawai has been a pioneer in hybrid technology, blending acoustic piano parts with digital sound production. Today, Kawai offers more wood-keyboard digitals than any other manufacturer, demonstrating their commitment to accurately reproducing correct piano technique on a digital piano.

36" Digital
Albany & Syracuse
$3,099 or finance from $50/mo

Beginners Never Had it So Good

Beyond a shadow of doubt, THE PERFECT STARTER PIANO can prepare a beginner student for the highest levels of competitive piano playing. One such student is J.T. Sterle, a remarkable young man who began his journey on a quality digital piano. He showed exceptional promise and his parents eventually upgraded his practice piano to a small grand. He would go on to win the local Chopin Competition, compete internationally, and perform at Carnegie Hall!




The primary job of your practice piano is to reproduce the same technique that is learned during your piano lessons.



As a beginner, I was worried about being intimidated by the process of buying a piano but my experience at Artist Pianos was a 10/10 and I highly recommend them! Their policies are people-centered with no dishonest fine-print. Just people that love music and want to foster your love for music.



Did you know?

You'll SAVE $1000 over 5 years

An acoustic piano must be tuned two times per year and the older a piano gets, the more tuning, repair and maintenance it requires. THE PERFECT STARTER PIANO requires no tuning and no annual maintenance. If budget is of some concern, this represents a meaningful savings, while providing an instrument that has proven to offer 100% chance for success in learning how to play.


100% TRADE IN for 3 years 

ARTIST PIANOS guarantees that you will receive 100% of your purchase price when you upgrade to a piano that is at least twice the price as your original purchase. This eliminates all of the risk of buying a used piano privately and finding out too late that it is not worth anything when you need to upgrade. 


5 year Manufacturer's warranty

Privately purchased used pianos come with no warranty and no recourse if it is discovered to be broken after purchase or if it fails anytime after purchase. If you are purchasing a used piano because your budget is of some concern, consider the cost of a total loss if that used piano fails. Kawai digital pianos not only have a 30 year track record of longevity, they come with a comprehensive 5-year warranty, protecting your investment completely.       

Plays Like a Piano, plus some extras

  First and foremost, the Kawai hybrid is a piano, not a keyboard. The keys are solid wood and specially weighted to offer a seamless transition in technique from your lesson piano to your practice piano. The 4 powerful speakers are double what the competition brings, offering satisfying tone and dynamic range. If you hold down the right pedal, you'll get 24 seconds of sustain. That's the same as any acoustic piano.  


Frequently Asked Questions


Used pianos can be just fine, but the vast majority of used pianos that are available for purchase have long since lived their musical life and will no longer serve its intended purpose. Although the cabinet might still look good, failures in major components like the soundboard, bridges and pin-block, or excessive wear of the action parts can make it impossible for a piano to produce proper pitch or reproduce proper keyboard technique. In other words, the wrong used piano can cause a student to fail. Avoid the pitfalls of used pianos by reading our PIANO GUIDE FOR PARENTS.

Most of the reasonably good used pianos we come across are less than 30 years old and sell for $2500 and up. If this is your price range, then you may FIND A GREAT USED PIANO to serve your needs. However, in the under $2500 price range, most of what we usually see are very old and worn out pianos that are completely inadequate to give a beginner a fighting chance to learn how to play. Beyond the failure of major components like the soundboard, bridges and pin-block, the most common and often overlooked reason a piano will cause a student to fail is that the action bushings have simply worn out. Have you ever played an old piano and felt the keys were a little wobbly? This is usually due to worn key bushings. It's normal for these friction points wear and eventually wear out, but it is a problem that is almost never corrected before or after a used piano is purchased because it would represent a significant expense to do so. However, a beginner student will never be able to develop proper technique on a piano with worn out bushings, because the piano will never reproduce the same feel, response, and speed that is being taught during lessons. Imagine trying to learn to parallel park in a car that is out of alignment, with no suspension, and an extremely loose steering system. Worn bushings can truly mean the difference between inspiration or frustration, success or failure.


Will my teacher approve? 

You should check with your teacher first, of course, but we are finding more and more piano teachers have come to appreciate that a top quality digital piano is a far better starter piano than a portable keyboard or an old used piano.  We would never talk anyone out of getting a fine new or newer acoustic piano, but when budget is of some concern, many teachers are in favor of digital pianos as a no-risk alternative to the incredibly risky used piano market. It is certainly well-established that this type of starter piano offers beginner piano students every opportunity for success and will not hold a student back.


How long do they last? and how soon will I grow out of it?

All we really know is that they can last as long as 30 years or more, because many of the original digital pianos are still working today. You may choose to upgrade to another digital piano to get more features or to an acoustic piano to get that true acoustic musical experience, but from a standpoint of piano technique, there is no difference in playing a THE PERFECT STARTER PIANO, or a well-tuned upright piano. By the time you outgrow it, you may find your next step would be a small or mid-sized grand piano.


Can I upgrade if my needs change?

Absolutely. In fact, THE PERFECT STARTER PIANO, like all of our digital and hybrid pianos, comes with a 3-year upgrade policy that guarantees 100% of your purchase price toward any piano that is priced at least twice as much as your first piano. In other words, you will not lose any money when you upgrade within 3 years. 


can I rent IT first?

Yes you can! Artist Pianos has an excellent RENT TO OWN program for this and several other pianos. Rent for 6 months at a time, up to 12 total months. If you purchase the rental piano or an upgrade piano of greater value within the rental period, we will apply 100% of your rental fees toward purchase. There is no easier way to get started with the right piano, while keeping your options open as your needs develop. LEARN MORE.

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