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The most successful program ever developed for helping schools quantify their piano needs and develop a strategic plan for maintenance and replacement is now available to K-12 schools. Contact us to learn more.  

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98% of concert pianists choose Steinway & Sons

"If I am to play my best, there is no way but Steinway" Lang Lang

Year after year, Steinway & Sons is the overwhelming choice of concert pianists. No other piano has ever been so revered by those who count on performance the most. With methodical and consistent improvement, Steinway's commitment to building the best piano possible is passed from generation to generation. 

Boston: #1 College Piano

Exclusive Choice of over 225 top schools

Boston Pianos were designed from the ground up to not only stand up to the rigors of institutional use, but also to provide the nuance necessary to train to the highest levels of technique. An unqualified success, BOSTON PIANOS by Steinway & Sons are trusted to deliver performance well above their price and to serve in any capacity not yet filled by a Steinway.

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designed with Steinway DNA

Building on the success of Boston, the Essex pianos were developed by STEINWAY & SONS in the year 2000, using the same core design features and uncompromising commitment to high-quality materials. Automated and assembly-line production brought the cost down to about half that of a Boston, but by every measure, Essex is the best in its class, setting a new standard for affordable pianos.

Discover the Keys to Finding Funds

You can raise the money

Steinway & Sons and your authorized Steinway dealer will support your efforts by assisting you with proven, pre-packaged fundraising programs designed specifically for raising funds for Steinway-Designed pianos.

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Digital Piano Lab Systems

The Lab Experts

Artist Pianos has installed some of the largest lab systems in Upstate NY. From SKIDMORE COLLEGE and COLEGE OF ST. ROSE to SUNY BINGHAMTON and HARTWICK COLLEGE, all the way to SUNY FREDONIA, we are your digital piano lab experts. We help you design your lab from the ground up, customizing it to your specific needs and applications. 

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When over 200 top-schools choose Steinway, Boston, and Essex pianos exclusively and no other manufacturer can claim even one exclusive school, clearly something special is going on. Only Steinway & Sons has developed a full line of pianos in which EVERY CLASS OF PIANO IS BUILT THE SAME. Steinway never eliminates core-design features or alters material specifications on smaller pianos simply to meet a lower price.

"Our enrollment has increased every year...in fact we've now doubled our enrollment."

If you are a K-12 Music Educator or Administrator, you may request the current K-12 price list at the bottom of this page. Your email MUST BE A VERIFIABLE SCHOOL EMAIL ADDRESS IN OUR SERVICE AREA. 
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They are flexible, dependable, and responsive, a joy to work with. They understand the importance of providing access to quality instruments and what it takes to support a growing music program."

Dr. Mary Simoni, Dean of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, RPI


Designed by Steinway for Superior Performance and Longevity



Soundboard Area of a 5' 8" Grand

The EUP-123S upright has the same soundboard vibrating surface area of a 5' 8" grand piano, making it powerful enough to lead choral, concert, and musical theater programs from classroom to auditorium. 

Industry Leading Structural Strength

Longevity and performance later in life is directly related to a piano's structural integrity. The industry-leading 500 square centimeter cross-sectional area of the EUP-123S 5-post backframe is 250% larger than that of the Yamaha P-22 and 210% larger than that of the Yamaha U1. The Essex EUP-123S is built like no other in its price range to withstand the rigors of school …more

Unmatched Soundboard Material Specifications

To date, STEINWAY & SONS IS THE ONLY MANUFACTURER WE CAN FIND who commits in writing the number of grains-per-inch required for their spruce soundboard material. All manufacturers use spruce, but only Steinway commits to an 8-grains-per-inch standard  you can count on in every Boston and Essex piano. 

Enhanced Energy Transfer

Nearly all the major manufacturers employ vertically laminated bridges in their high-end grands, because this design transmits more energy from vibrating strings into the soundboard. This provides more power, better tone, and longer sustain. However, out of Steinway, Yamaha, and Kawai, STEINWAY & SONS IS THE ONLY MANUFACTURER to include vertically laminated bridges in their upright pianos, like the Essex EUP-123S. 

Durable Poly Finish

The polyester finish on the Essex EUP-123S is seven times thicker and ten times stronger than lacquer. It is impervious to spills, heat resistant, light resistant and it completely seals the wood. In short, it is the finest, most protective finish that can be applied to a piano. Just what you need to keep your piano looking beautiful for decades of performance. 

6 Sheet Music desk

The EUP-123S features nearly five feet of music desk area to hold 6 or more sheets of music. If you do not have a page turner, this feature is a lifesaver! In addition, the studio lid and lid prop open for sound to travel to the player for monitoring during concerts.

Double Rubber Casters

Extra-wide double-rubber casters roll easier on tile and carpeted floors and are quite efficient for occasional moving. For frequent moving or traveling from one end of the school to the other, we offer free installation with the purchase of heavy-wheel dollies. 

Security Locks

A brass key locks your key-cover and top board to prevent unauthorized use and prevent pencils and other items from being dropped into the body of the piano. 


The Steinway Family of Pianos

And Kawai Digital Hybrids


Steinway & Sons

the world's finest pianos

Boston Pianos

#1 college practice piano

Essex Pianos

best in class

Kawai Digital Hybrids

wood keys for authentic feel


The Steinway Inventory Analysis is a COMPLIMENTARY SERVICE we provide to help you get a strategic view of your inventory needs so you can make informed decisions about replacement, repair, and fundraising. 



A maintenance and replacement plan developed in conjunction with your technician will ensure you are maximizing the life of your pianos now and into the future.  


Communicating your needs to gain donor support begins with a comprehensive report built on quantifiable data. We also offer access to Steinway's assortment of fundraising materials.


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