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About Practice Levels


Students who learn on a Steinway prepare their fingers and muscle-memory from day-one to play to their full potential. It is perfectly fine to start on an advanced level piano. These categories are designed to help you organize our selection according to your needs and goals.


Pianos in this category have all the essentials for a beginner student, while being mindful of initial investment. All beginner instruments will have a full keyboard of 88 properly weighted keys, long enough sustain to practice any piece, a bench set to the proper height, a sustain pedal and soft pedal and either sostenuto or mute rail pedal.
Generally includes: smaller new acoustic pianos, mid-priced used pianos, and practice-level digital pianos.


These pianos offer the same technical capabilities of beginner pianos, but with enhanced touch and tone for a better musical experience and the ability to study music with more nuance. Upper end digital pianos fit this category because their actions repeat like grand piano actions and offer a sostenuto pedal. All smaller grand pianos fit in this category because they offer the advantages of a grand piano action (more control and faster repetition), but they may or may not include a sostenuto pedal.
Generally includes: higher performance upright pianos, higher level digital pianos, some small new and used grands.


All pianos in this category are acoustic grand pianos with a full sostenuto pedal. Anything that can be learned in terms of technique, can be practiced to a proficient level on a piano in this category.
Generally includes: new small and mid-sized grands, best quality used grands.


Steinway pianos are performance pianos, because they offer the player the very best musical experience possible.
Includes Steinway grand pianos and larger Boston grands. Also may occasionally include quality used grand pianos that are 7' or larger.