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Digital Piano Labs


Digital Piano Labs: How to Teach Piano to a Room Full of Students

Over the years, we have gained a lot of experience in setting up digital piano labs in colleges and universities like SUNY Fredonia, Syracuse University, Hartwick College, and the College of St. Rose, to name a few.

How it Works

Each piano has its own set of headphones and a microphone for two-way communication with the instructor or the other students. The instructor uses a control panel to enable students to work privately, in pairs, or groups. As they play, students receive directions from the instructor through the headphones. 





  • Easy Controls: Two words: MUTE BUTTON. When it's time to get the attention of the entire class, the mute button shuts off all sound except the instructor's microphone. The instructor can also configure the lab to broadcast through each student's headphones for private practice, paired duets, ensembles, or entire class playing. 

  • Video Display: Labs equipped with instructor pianos that have video capabilities can display MIDI information, such as music scores, to a projector or monitor. Prerecorded music played through the instructor's piano can be set to tempo according to the ability level of the class. A red "bouncing ball" provides a visual aid to help keep the class playing in time.

  • Voice Instruction: The lab is not just for pianists! Voice instruction is made easy through lyric displays, tempo control and transposition functions. 

  • Lots of Support: You're never on your own with Artist Pianos. After setup, we make sure you know how to operate the lab and get the most out of it. We are always available for help and our labs come with the best manufacturer support in the business.



  • Modular Configurations: our labs can consist of 4-48 student pianos and can be expanded as your needs develop.

  • Reliability: Our digital pianos have the best reputation in the industry for trouble-free performance and after-sale service.

  • Affordable: Lower up-front investment than acoustic pianos and zero maintenance costs

  • Competitive Student Recruitment: Schools with our digital piano labs are more competitive by offering  the latest technology to potential students


Photos of our latest lab installation at Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY


 Photos courtesy of Cristopher Lott, Hartwick College


Floor Plans

We help you to arrange the lab layout to maximize efficiency and to ensure proper work flow according to your needs.  




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