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Kawai CA-98 Digital Hybrid

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With 48 international and industry design awards, innovation is in the Kawai DNA.The CA98 Hybrid Piano not only offers the wooden piano keyboard found on the CA78, but also introduces Kawai's patented soundboard technology to offer the most authentic acoustic sound.  



It sounds acoustic, because it is acoustic. The soundboard on the CA97 naturally amplifies the vibrations from the piano's amplifier in the same way an acoustic piano's soundboard amplifies the vibration from the strings. The result is the most authentic piano experience found on any digital piano. You simply have to play it to believe it.

For piaists who would prefer an acoustic piano, but for whatever reason need the features or volume control of a digital, this is a piano to put at the top of your list. 

A new elegant touchscreen interface enables players to access their favorite features effortlessly, while providing a spohisticated and luxurious experience.

Bluetooth technology opens a whole world of recording, learning, and customization, when connected to a Bluetooth tablet.