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Essex EGP-155

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Every piano in the affordable Essex line has a full set of advanced design features, many of which are found only on competitor's most expensive pianos. The result is a piano of unmatched value that performs well above it's price.


Length 155 cm (5’ 1”)
Width   151 cm (59 ¼”)
Net Weight  289 kg (636 lb)


Steinway Action Geometry
When you practice on a Steinway designed action, you develop muscle-memory and technique for playing on the world's finest pianos. Genuine spruce keys and all-maple wood action parts (no platstic). Steinway style pear-shaped hammers, made of premium wool and compression-wired to retain permanent shape, provide superior tone, increased durability, and greater voicing ability.
"Wide-Tail" Premium Soundboard
When it comes to soundboards, bigger is indeed better. Wider case construction allows for an exponentially larger soundboard than other pianos of the same length. This design provides deeper tone, longer sustain, and more projection. Soundboard made of premium spruce with class-leading material specifications, promoting best tone and longer life. The soundboard is tapered, allowing it to vibrate more freely. 
Vertically Laminated Bridges
Patented in 1880 by Theodore Steinway, who noted that replacing a solid bridge with one made from multiple layers of wood "more energetically propagated" vibration from the strings into the soundboard. Although this design is found today on nearly all high-performance pianos, Steinway is the only company to incorporate it in their mid-priced Boston and Essex brand pianos.
Thick Walnut Rim
Like Steinway, the dense rim construction of the Essex provides class-leading performance. Compared to like-priced comptitors, Essex walnut rims hold vibration in the soundboard longer for best tone and sustain. It also makes the piano last longer and perform better later in life.  
Lower-Tension, Duplex Scale Design
Lower tension design allows strings to vibrate more freely for stronger tone and longer sustain. It also promotes longer piano life. Front and rear duplexes form 3 speaking lengths for each note in the treble. The main speaking length sounds the desired note, while the duplexes sound upper harmonics of the main note. The result is the strongest singing tone possible.