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Boston UP-126E PE

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Steinway design and class-leading materials set the Boston apart from similarly priced competitors, offering pianists a unique combination of high-performance and value.


Height 132 cm (50”)
Width   154 cm (60 3/4”)
Depth 67 cm (26 1/4”)
Net Weight  302 kg (664 lb)


Steinway Action Geometry
When you practice on a Steinway designed action, you develop muscle-memory and technique for playing on the world's finest pianos. Genuine spruce keys and all-maple wood action parts (no platstic). Steinway style pear-shaped hammers, made of premium wool and compression-wired to retain permanent shape, provide superior tone, increased durability, and greater voicing ability.
Premium Soundboard with Closing Rims
Soundboard made with class-leading premium spruce, promoting best tone and longer life. Specially-designed grand-type mahogany closing rim evens out the soundboard’s response to all frequencies, eliminating “hot” spots, and emulating shape of grand soundboard.
Octagrip™ Pinblock 
Based on the Steinway Hexagrip® Pinblock, this design utilizes 11 layers of hard rock maple that are glued together with the grain of each layer at a 60 degree agle to the next. This design ensures the "grippiest" part of the wood, the end-grain, holds tuning pins from all sides, providing class-leading tuning stability and smooth pin rotation for tuning precision. 
Massive Staggered-Post Backframe
Drawing from Steinway vertical piano design proven to make a piano last over 150 years, the Boston backframe has massive full-length posts that are staggered to provide more support near the higher tention section of the piano. 
Lower-Tension Design
Lower tension design allows strings to vibrate more freely for stronger tone and longer sustain. It also promotes longer piano life.