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Steinway Model S

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The "Original Baby Grand." The model S was the first piano to be advertised using this expression that now describes any piano under 6 feet. But no baby grand sings like a Steinway baby grand!
"Build the best piano possible." This singular mission has guided Steinway & Sons for generations to bring together the finest combination of design, materials and craftsmanship to produce a musical instrument that inspires, performs, and endures unlike any other.


Length 5' 1" (155 cm)
Width   57 3/4” (147cm)
Net Weight  540 pounds (252 kg)


Accelerated Action®
The only action in the world with a rounded fulcrum upon which the keys are balanced, specially designed to respond 14% faster fortissimo and 6% faster pianissimo.
Diaphragmatic Soundboard®
Made of the very finest sitka spruce in the world, specially tapered from center to edges, and double crowned. This design permits complete freedom of vibration and creates a bell-like shape to the soundboard, holding notes much longer and with more tonal strength.
Hexagrip Pinblock®
Six thick layers of hard-rock maple are glued together with the grain of each layer at a 45 degree agle to the next. This design ensures the "grippiest" part of the wood, the end-grain, holds tuning pins from all sides, providing unmatched tuning stability and smooth, even tuning pin rotation for tuning precision. 
Vertically Laminated Bridges
Patented in 1880 by Theodore Steinway, who noted that replacing a solid bridge with one made from multiple layers of wood "more energetically propagated" vibration from the strings into the soundboard. Although this design is found today on all high performance pianos, Steinway is the only company to incorporate it in their mid-priced Boston and Essex brand pianos.
Continuous Bent Maple Rim
The famous Steinway rim is made with the inner and outer rim cast in one process, forming a solid single rim. Unmatched in stability and performance, this design holds vibration in the soundboard longer for best tone and sustain. It also makes the piano last over 150 years.  
Duplex Scale Design
This design creates three separate speaking lengths for each note in the treble. The main speaking length sounds the desired note, while the front and rear duplexes sound upper harmonics of the main note. The result is the strongest singing tone possible.