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Kawai CN27 Digital Piano

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With 48 international and industry design awards, innovation is in the Kawai DNA.The CN27 is the Perfect Starter Piano, because it is the least expensive way we know to train new students to identify proper pitch, build proper muscle memory in their fingers, and give them the motivation to make them want to play.
How it Compares:
Compared to buying a like-priced used piano, it saves parents money up front and over time and, in most cases, provides a superior practice instrument.
We are such strong believers in the potential of this piano, that we've dedicated an entire page on our website to it.
If you are looking at older used pianos or keyboards as a low-cost way of getting started, learn more about the Perfect Starter Piano, you'll be glad you did!
Did you Know?
  • Beyond a doubt, can train technique to competition level for beginning and early intermediate students. 
  • Key-weighting, sustain, and pedals all provide, from a standpoint of technique, the same musical experience as a quality acoustic piano. 
  • Headphone jacks for distraction-free practice sessions.
  • Never needs tuning or maintenance
  • Includes bench set to proper height for good posture
  • Metronome to help learn timing and recording feature to help learn phrasing, composing, and duet playing.
  • Bluetooth MIDI, MIDI connect to PC/MAC