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2013 Albany Tchaikovky Competition

January 20, 2013

Tchaikovsky Compeition brings out the best in Young pianists

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The Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky Piano Competition, presented by Margarita Khaitov, owner of Magic of Music in Delmar, was hosted at Artist Pianos in Latham this year. 
Twentyfour exceptional young pianists, ages 6-17, competed for prizes ranging from $20 gift certificates to Van Curler music to $300 cash awards. The Competition is divided into three categories: Young (ages 6-10), Apprentice (ages 11-13), and Master (ages 14-17). Each of the students performed their own selection composed by Tchaikovsky.
Congratulations to this year's winners and to each and every competitor for their wonderful performances. 


Young  Tchaikovsky (ages 6-11)

1st   Kenneth Yamashita
2nd   Onovu Otitigbe
3rd   Michael Wong


Apprentice Tchaikovsky (ages 11-13)

1st   J.T. Sterle
2nd   Michael Lee
3rd   Leechen Zhu


Master Tchaikovsky (ages 14-17)


  Nathan Figueroa
2nd   Jimmy Ding
3rd   Christopher Bangert-Drowns



Young Thaikovsky

  • Pierce Leonandi
  • Jason Yamahashita
  • Anthony Han
  • Alison Decker

Apprentice Tchaikovsky

  • Kristale Abdulla
  • Eliot Shekhtman
  • Kevin Lin
  • Julian Foy
  • Anna Samaniego
  • Ben Shackman
  • Dennis Howard

Master Tchaikovsky

  • Emily Panganiban
  • Marissa Hull
  • Jennifer Lucius
  • Jason Tang



Judges Margarita Khaitov (right), Anna Dubrova (center), and Liva Denis (left) 





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