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Blue Creek School Discovery Fair Piano Project

May 26, 2011



Kyle Smith Presents "How a Grand Piano Works" at Discovery Fair.

Among the unique and interesting projects that were presented at Blue Creek Elementary's 12th annual Discovery Fair in North Colonie, NY, was a topic near and dear to our hearts: “How a Grand Piano Works.”

Children from kindergarten through sixth grade investigate topics that interest them and develop presentations to display and discuss at the Discovery Fair.

Kyle Smith, a 5th grader at Blue Creek, found himself wondering about the inner-workings of a grand piano while his sister, Lydia, was having her piano lesson at Artist Pianos. It wasn’t long before he was engaged in an in-depth discussion about the subject with the General Manager, Paul Jennings.

“I went over the basics of how depressing a key makes a felt hammer strike the string and this creates a vibration that travels through the piano, but Kyle absorbed the information so fast, we were soon discussing some rather advanced functions of the piano, which are really discussions in physics, mathematics, and botany,” Paul recalled. Far from being bored while waiting for his sister, Kyle put the time to good use: “I actually liked going to Artist Pianos each week so that I could learn more about the “guts” of the piano. Mr. Jennings really helped me a lot on my project."

Borrowing a few models of piano parts, including a working model of a key and “action” mechanism, Kyle put together a presentation that discussed in rather great detail the keys, soundboard, foot pedals, and the overall inner-workings of a grand piano. We were not surprised to learn that Kyle impressed many parents and teachers with his knowledge on the subject. Well done Kyle!

- Photos courtesty of the Smith Family. 





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